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New to Cedars: Nimue Skin Technology

New to Cedars: Nimue Skin Technology

For over 30 years, we have been committed to providing you with the most innovative skincare and beauty treatments in the industry. That's why we're so excited to announce the arrival of Nimue Skin Technology!

Nimue (pronounced "nim-you") is a South African derma-cosmeceutical system, offering a range of professional facial treatments, supported by a targeted home-care programme. 

Although Nimue is fairly new to us, it was developed by leading scientists way back in 1994! Today, Nimue is renowned for its innovative formulations, cutting-edge technology, and effective combination, concentration and strength of active ingredients. Keep reading to learn more...

What are cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are scientifically produced products. Unlike traditional cosmetic-grade products, which are restricted to beautifying and concealing, cosmeceuticals contain biologically active ingredients that have proven, clinical benefits. When applied topically, cosmeceuticals are able to reach the deeper dermal layers, allowing them to treat signs of damage and make noticeable changes in the skin. These changes can include hydrating the skin, diminishing the appearance of ageing and sun damage and reducing acne severity.

How are cosmeceuticals different to cosmetics?

The main difference between over-the-counter cosmetics and cosmeceuticals is the concentration of active ingredients. These active ingredients can penetrate deeper into the dermis layer of the skin, resulting in more visible and longer-lasting benefits.

How do cosmeceutical products differ from prescription skincare products?

The ingredients in cosmeceuticals are stronger than your cosmetic-grade skin care products, but not as strong as pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical-grade products can be very reactive, and therefore must be medically prescribed.

What makes Nimue different from other cosmeceutical ranges?

Nimue is a new generation of derma-cosmeceutical offering some of the benefits of pharmaceutical grade products. For example, Nimue products are scientifically proven to affect the structure and biological functioning of the skin, resulting in a healthier, optimally functioning skin, without causing harm.

Which skin conditions does Nimue address?

The Nimue range includes products designed to treat a variety of skin complaints, including environmental damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, sensitivity and signs of ageing. Nimue can be used on all skin types.

Why do I have to combine home-care products and professional salon treatments?

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients (such as AHAs, Retinol and plant stem cells), you must use Nimue at home for a minimum of two weeks before you can have a professional facial treatment. Doing so will prepare your skin to receive the high-strength ingredients, and effectively treat your skin.

The professional treatment in turn enhances penetration of active ingredients in home care, which delivers dramatic results.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Results will of course vary from client to client. However, some people notice visible changes in just 4 weeks (4 weeks of using your prescribed home-care products, plus 2 professional facial treatments in week 3 and 4).

We recommend an initial course of 6 treatments at weekly intervals to begin at least 2 weeks after starting your home-care programme.

How can I maintain these results?

Though you may start to notice changes in your skin after just a few treatments, it is important to introduce support products where applicable, to work in synergy with the core prescription, enhancing and maximising results. Your therapist will be able to guide you.

To find out more, please pop in and speak to one of our therapists, or give us a call on 01452 307767.

FREE Flash Rejuvenation Treatment* when you buy a Nimue home-care starter kit.

*One free facial per person. Facial to be carried out after 2-4 weeks of home-care use. While stocks last. Offer ends 28th February 2018.



What Our Clients Say

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    May, 2017

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    February, 2015

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    July, 2016

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    September, 2014

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